How To Tell When Someone’s Spirit Guides Are Taking Over

If you pay close attention to someone you have known for a while, you can tell when their personality changes or their manner of speech changes. Either of these changes show that some other being has stepped in and has taken control. The change may be momentary or of long duration, but during the time of change, someone other than your friend is in control.

This is not necessarily a terrible thing. The person may have been using this capability to give themselves additional scope for activity. They discovered at one time that they could relate stories in a different voice and entertain people this way. Or, they may have been stuck for words when someone asked them a difficult question and in a burst of inspiration, they found themselves being funny or aggressive to handle the situation.

Once they succeeded in using this unexpected ability to entertain or to ward off embarrassment, it was easy to invoke it again when needed. This mechanism has been described in many ways as a function of the brain perhaps, but the real source is those pesky spirit guides who stand by and seek to guide you and save you from humiliation and embarrassment.

Your spirit guides are the source of advice and inspiration, but they can alter your speech when they seek to correct what you are saying or stifle you when you are about to make a mistake. Stuttering is one of the most obvious examples of spiritual interference. Stutterers speak in halting phrases unless they sing. Almost all of them can sing without hesitation or stuttering, but when they seek to transmit information, their speech is continually interrupted.

I discovered an interesting variation on this spiritual interference recently. A friend can describe what he is thinking or planning quite lucidly and with excellent diction. When he attempts to recall something he said or witnessed a few days ago his voice becomes almost unintelligible. His normal speech changes to an embarrassed mumble when relating what he said back then and it has been going on for so long that he is almost unaware that this happens.

As an observer able to perceive spiritual manifestations, I am aware that he projects an entirely different personality when this happens, which means that another being from his personal collection has taken control.

If you feel this is beyond the bounds of reality, I suggest you recall the last time you talked politics with someone of a different political persuasion. In far too many cases the person you are talking to changes personality and your conversation turns into an angry discussion. This is simply a case of some spiritual buddies coming to do battle with you over your betrayal of all they believe. In many cases, your spiritual buddies and his are triggered by old memories and a rational discussion is impossible.

Once you understand this phenomenon of spirits coming to your rescue, you may begin to spot times when this is happening to you. These spirits may spur you to defend yourself angrily or cause you to stifle yourself and cower when you should stand up for yourself. In either case, once you discover what is happening you have the opportunity to spot and handle the interfering beings with SRT processing.

If you are not able to secure the help of an SRT counselor, you can at least exert control over your behavior and avoid continuing whatever is happening.

Try meditating whenever you notice this behavior and see what you discover. When your attention is entirely in the present moment, a lot of insights come into view. As an additional benefit, when your attention is in the present moment, you are less likely to be taken over by your spiritual companions.

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