What were they thinking?


If there was any desire to appear fair and balanced, why would PBS the Commission on Presidential Debates choose Gwen Ifill as the moderator for the Vice Presidential debates when she has a book about Barack Obama coming out soon? Are there no other spokespersons who are not openly aligned with one candidate or another?

One can only imagine if John Corsi, author of the Obama Nation, were proposed as the moderator for the debate. Heads would be exploding at the very thought.

John McCain is more trusting than I am. He said in a recent interview, "I think that Gwen Ifill is a professional and I think that she will do a totally objective job because she is a highly respected professional."

I think that Ifill, with all of the scrutiny she is now under, will do a competent job, but this ridiculous choice is another blemish on the reputation
of PBS the CPD. With such a choice of moderator, who is to believe that someone from PBS will not slip the questions to Joe Biden’s folks

The original question I posed still applies. Why would PBS anyone make such an inopportune choice?

Mainstream Media is finally becoming sensitive to charges that the media is biased. The recent discussion by MSM talking heads where they discussed that perception on the part of the public shows their complete puzzlement that the public would find their slanted coverage as reflecting bias.

Perhaps like a fish having difficulty comprehending the idea of "being wet", much of the media is so solidly of one political persuasion it is difficult to envision any other way of viewing events.

(Image credit: House of Eratosthenes, Paging Saturday Night Live)

UPDATE: After watching the first hour of the debate, I saw no sign of bias on the part of Gwen Ifill. She seemed to be scrupulosly fair and balanced in her handling of the Vice Presidential candidates. On the other hand, Joe Biden kept flashing her a knowing smile when he wasn’t speaking as if to acknowledge that he was on good terms with her.  Sarah was polite, but played to the camera and the audience and answered only those parts of the questions she wanted to answer. Both candidates were persuasive speakers.

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