Obama and Palin spoke to large crowds Sunday


Barack Obama spoke to 20,000 supporters in Charlotte, NC on Sunday 9/21/08. Campaign staff estimated that there were another 10,000 people outside.

The WRAL video was the only one I could find and the talking heads kept interjecting comments when they should have just covered Obama’s speech. This video does provide some close-up views of Barack that give more insight to his character.

If you can find a better video, let me know and I will add a link to it. The important thing for me is hearing what the candidate says and how he or she says it. Critiques by talking heads add little value. In fact, WRAL showed their bias against Obama in the same way that CNN, NBC, etc show their bias against McCain and Palin.  A pox on all their houses. If this continues, TV news may follow the newspaper industry into the dumpster.


Sarah Palin was also on the campaign trail on Sunday. She spoke to 60,000 people in The Villages, a senior community in Florida where people waited in line for hours to hear her.

She was accompanied by her husband Todd and her children. She had great rapport with the audience and it was a delight to hear her speak.

Watch the video. Her message about small businesses and energy independence resonated with her audience.

More about her speech at Gateway Pundit.

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  1. Sari Gabbay says:

    Why is it that in a blink of an eye a “nobody” (figure of speech only) becomes the biggest thing since sliced bread. Now I am not that knowledgeable in politics but did anyone really know Sarah Palin until she became Mcain’s right hand woman?

    This is such a typical act of propaganda where the media dictates to the public how to decide and how to think. It is a dangerous cycle as we have seen with the terror leaders in the past and I’m not discounting Bush in this category.

    It is unfortunate that in any presidential race the right candidate may never get elected because he/she doesn’t create as much “hype” as the opposed.

    I really like your blog posts, will keep coming back!


    Sari Gabbay

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