Stupid in America

This week, Fox News ran a story by John Stossel called Stupid in America.

This graph shows what many of you have suspected all along. that the US education system is broken. The price of education has tripled in the last 40 years, but the test scores have barely changed.

You can see that the increased spending has produced no change in standardized test scores.

An abbreviated video of John Stossel's show is below. In it, he compares typical unionized schools to charter schools. You can begin to appreciate why parents do everything possible to get their kids in a charter school.

The charter schools appear to focus on quality of education while the unionized schools focus on preservation of teachers benefits.  Watch the video and see what you would prefer for your children.

Observe the excuses made by the people in the education system defending the fact that there’s no products coming out of the “standard” education system.  

One public school educator responds to Stossel's questions this way::

Stossel:“City schools are terrible because of unions like yours.”

Educator: “Our test scores are not what we (pause) choose to focus on.”

Stossel: “But how do you know if they’re learning anything?”

Educator: “I know my kids are learning when I look in their eyes.”

You might well ask yourself, "How will a possible employer be able to tell if they learned something?”

A longer version of the Stupid in America video is here.

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