Charles Gibson’s interview of Sarah Palin was a disappointment

Normally affable Charles Gibson gave one of the poorest interviews I have ever seen. He might have been worried about something. Well, after tonight’s performance he definitely has something to worry about.

His use of trick questions has already backfired on him. More than a dozen bloggers nailed Charlie for demanding Gov. Palin answer for something
she did not say regarding the War in Iraq being a task from God.

Instapundit has links with all of the dismal details. Confederate Yankee is also disappointed with Gibson.

In watching the show I noticed that Sarah’s voice was edited out several times when replying to one of Charlies questions. This is an old 20/20 technique for slanting an interview and it suggests that the fix was in to make this interview go a particular way.

Sarah kept her composure and didn’t back down at any time. She was well
prepared and her answers obviously frustrated Charlie, because he would
drop the line of questioning immediately without acknowledging what she
had said.

I went to the ABC News site and found a transcript of the interview. There are 6462 8727 9506 10605 comments and about half of them describe Charles Gibson as a condescending jerk.

Why do I get this recurring echo of "fake but accurate" when I think of listening to Charles Gibson now.

UPDATE: For those who missed the interview, here is Part One of the Sarah Palin interview. Look at Charlie’s body language.

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