James Lileks on Heather Mallick

James Lileks writes a hilarious review of Canadian columnist Heather Mallick’s article about:

"…the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America’s name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right."

Do not read this while drinking coffee or you will ruin your keyboard.

I read James Lileks article and followed it up by reading Heather Mallicks article.

After reading Heather’s article, I feel Lileks was actually holding back. Her writing is such a self-parody, it is hard to believe she is a published writer.

If I knew her address I would consider sending her this T-Shirt:

Paddle faster I hear banjo music

T-shirt image courtesy of Nantahala Outdoor Center

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0 Responses to James Lileks on Heather Mallick

  1. mattbg says:

    David, I live in Canada and the CBC that Heather writes for is a strange thing. It’s a publicly-funded broadcaster that represents a rather childish and simplistic elite point of view. The only people who take it seriously are the ones that already agree with it. It is generally anti-American and most of its original programming is terrible. If it wasn’t publicly-funded, I’m not sure it’d stand on its own two feet.

    Also, there are many moderate conservative voices in Canada who have been refused appearance on CBC shows because of their politics.

  2. mattbg says:

    Just to add… in Canada, this has been getting some attention (in a negative way). I saw a panel on Canadian TV last night, and all three sides — left, centre, and right — denounced Mallick’s article as not really worthy of attention, other than to take on the attitude within.

    Also worth noting that the CBC — the employer of this writer — actually took to air the story about the possibility of Palin’s newborn really being her daughter’s baby.

  3. nlcatter says:

    yes we didnt need that CBC writer

    because with Palin lying, abusing power, book burning, creationist ideas, she could
    be top of social order and would be as bad.

  4. mattbg says:

    David, by the way… for completeness, the CBC ombudsman had Heather Mallick’s article withdrawn after considerable complaint 🙂


  5. mattbg says:

    And… the publisher’s follow-up to the CBC ombudsman’s report:


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