A Different Approach To Spiritual Healing

Use your psychic ability to detect intentions in problem areas

Those of you who are psychically aware can often detect aches, pains and infections in other people’s bodies. Some of you will see colors when you look into a body and others will actually experience the pain that the person is feeling.

Your approaches to healing can vary from flowing love to the afflicted areas and making them feel better to bathing the areas in spiritual light and driving out the destructive thoughts that infest the area and prevent healing. Depending on your abilities, your results can range from immediate and lasting down to slight temporary relief.

Your results will depend not only on your spiritual abilities but on the mindset of the person you are trying to help. If the person does not want your help they will find a way to nullify any of your efforts to heal them. They may have even been using their problem to exert control over others and to gain sympathy.

I have been using many different approaches to spiritual healing for the past 44 years and I have only recently discovered that I could easily detect intentions in all living things. It turns out that anything that is alive is animated by a spirit and all spirits have both lifeforce and intention. If you are sufficiently aware, you can perceive lifeforce and intentions in people, animals and plants. You can even sense intentions in parasites and bacteria in bodies as distinct from the intention of the body itself.

If you were to look at a body with hot spots as shown in the illustration, you will pick up intentions that are contrary to the survival intentions of the body itself. The areas may be trying to succumb or may be furiously angry at what has happened to the area and are resisting any attempts of the body to heal the area. The reason it is important to perceive and understand the intentions of the afflicted area, is that the intention is what is holding the condition in place. Applying salves and soothing ointments and poultices will often help the healing process, but a direct approach of communicating with the afflicted area and finding the cause of the destructive intention can produce faster and more permanent results.

When you train yourself to perceive intentions, you begin to see that the intentions that appear in a painful or infected areas of the body come from unexpected sources. They can come from injuries and unexpected impacts, but they can also come from spirits who are attacking the body for some reason. I cover these reasons in detail in my books and articles on Spiritual Rescue Technology, but you can discover for yourself that caring communication with the spirit maintaining that intention will cause the spirit to wake up from its angry state and the problem will magically disappear.

The important point I want to make is that intentions cause things to occur and spirits are the source of all intentions. If something is going very wrong in a body or in an organization, a spirit or spirits will be behind the problem and addressing them and finding and solving the problem will produce magical results. Yes, you should put a bandage on it to stop loss of blood, but dealing with the upset spirit will ensure that the problem will not reoccur.



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