A Fair And Abundant Exchange Creates A Healthy Relationship

If you have a relationship that is going sour, you have not been experiencing a fair and abundant exchange.

A fair and abundant exchange exists only when both parties get what they need and want. Anything else does not result in fair and abundant exchange and will result in a failing relationship at some point.

Allowing yourself to remain in a relationship where a fair and abundant exchange does not exist is a self-destructive action. You are basically declaring that you do not deserve a fair exchange and are unworthy of respect as a contributing member of the group. You are electing to serve as a slave to another person’s demands. This is not good for your health or for your mental stability.

Perhaps you think you are not entitled to fair treatment because you made a promise to love and obey forever or to serve in some capacity with some highly respected group with the understanding that there would be an abundant exchange of some sort. Somehow, circumstances have changed and there is no fair or abundant exchange and you are still slogging on in a painful and uncomfortable relationship because you promised! All agreements are based on certain understandings that there will be a mutually agreeable exchange. If the exchange is not mutually agreeable, the relationship is a form of slavery and will not go well for the parties involved.

An unfair agreement degrades all parties involved. The person enforcing the unfair agreement is degrading themselves by their criminal actions. The person failing to correct or break the unfair agreement is compromising their integrity.

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