When The Power Of Love Is Not Enough

I recently had the pleasure of talking to a man whose spiritual space is cleaner and brighter than mine! He is no cloistered religious figure but radiates peace and serenity and love while carrying out a lifestyle that might leave others cranky and exhausted. He is the founder and spiritual leader of an intentional community and he is the president and CEO of a company that helps clean up the environment.

I commented on his spiritual peace and he responded that he had led a group in a yoga session and meditation prior to our meeting and was feeling connected with divine energy. He leads his group with love. They figure out how they can learn to love each other. He leads them to figure out how they can heal themselves, heal each other, and so on. He said that’s really what they’re up to most of the time.

Since we were meeting to address some barriers he was encountering in his business, I wondered what could be stopping a person so filled with love for his fellow man and his community. His space was so peaceful and bright it seemed he should be unstoppable.

When I asked this CEO what might be slowing the progress of his company, I saw an immediate contraction of his spiritual space and a brief dimming of his life force. It came back as he mentioned that he had a bottleneck in his company due to his design engineer who was holding up deliveries.

He had been trying to help this engineer by working with him as he did with members of his intentional community, but the engineer was not committing errors and was working at maximum capacity. He was trying to make sure that every system the company produced would not fail in any way and he was doing everything he could possibly do to make sure that the system works properly. The engineer is an extremely conscientious individual and is creative in many different areas of life as well.

The CEO’s caring concern was putting more pressure on the engineer and was actually making the engineer be more careful rather than making him work faster.

As a spiritual counselor, I can perceive what is going on with a person and his spirit guides and I could see that the engineer’s spirit guides were making very, very sure that he made no mistakes that would cause the equipment to fail. They were still stuck in a past failure of many lifetimes ago and were doing everything possible to see that it was not repeated. Spirit guides who have failed in some aspect of life are very careful to make sure that the same mistakes will not occur again. Their attention is still fixed on their past mistakes and even though they are trying to provide support to a person in the present moment, they are doing it with attention fixed on events of many lifetimes ago. In other words, they are not operating with all of their attention in the present.

I got the CEO to put his attention on his engineer and his spirit guides and persuaded him to admire the care and intention that was being put on making the company’s product superior in every way. This CEO is aware of the role that spirit guides play in a person’s life and when I told him of the role that admiration plays in working with people, he was quite happy to direct his admiration at these spirit guides. Once he started admiring the intentions of the spirit guides, he was actually giving them life and bringing them from out of the past to becoming aware of the present. His continuing admiration will wake them up and keep them in the present instead of fixated on a past failure. If they operate in present time they will not be endlessly checking to see that no mistakes are being made.

Admiration is life-giving and brings a being into present time. When our attention is directed to the present moment, we use all of our capacities and work to the best of our abilities. When you are willing to admire others, you are operating in present time yourself and are not distracted by past failures of your own. When I got this CEO to admire his engineer and his spirit guides for what they were trying to accomplish, he and the engineer were all operating in present time and not stuck in the errors of the past.

The power of love is marvelous and life-affirming, but without knowledge of the spiritual world and its influence on our activities, its reach can be limited. This CEO has created a safe environment for himself and his community using the power of love. To extend his reach to those he deals with in the outside world, he needs to learn and use technology that enables him to communicate effectively with spirits and help them resolve their problems. Spiritual Rescue Technology provides that information and you can read about it here.

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