Inside A Spiritual Rescue Technology Counseling Session

I need to emphasize that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) sessions are unlike any spiritual counseling sessions you will see elsewhere because we actually communicate with spirits as equals instead of commanding them or exorcising them. We are also communicating with several beings simultaneously during each session. We communicate with the client and with several of the beings who surround him and influence him. This is all done online in Zoom sessions.

In spite of this apparent complexity, many of you who use Spiritual Rescue Technology have found that once you grasp the idea of what we are dealing with and that we are helping beings like us, you are able to rescue them from incredibly damaging incidents through a calm discussion of what happened to them.

What I haven’t discussed with many of you until now is the fact that in almost every session, I can become each being I am talking to and I share their goals and dreams, and their sorrows when I do this. This is an ability that everyone had at one point and either lost it or shut it off because it was too uncomfortable.

When you go out of communication with someone and blame them for the separation, it is very easy to make them into an “other” and withdraw any admiration from them. Cutting yourself off from any being lessens you. Cutting yourself off from many beings lessens your life force and damages you permanently. It has been written that you are as alive as you can communicate and this is absolutely true. Choosing not to communicate damages you and lessens those who you might communicate with.

If you are willing to communicate with someone and put your attention in their space, eventually you will see their intentions and share their viewpoints. You can achieve a co-beingness that is hard to describe unless you have experienced it but this state will change you and the person you are sharing space with.

The reason this state is difficult to achieve is that many of us have great difficulty reaching a state of understanding with ourselves. This comes back to the great problem of living on this planet in that we are never alone and are never operating without the influence and control of other spirits. Our personality aspects which show up on some modern tests are merely the reflection of the different spirits that comprise who we think we are.

Unless you fully embrace the understanding that you are actually a group of spirits acting in unison and understand who is contributing to your group, you will have difficulty merging yourselves with another person and their crowd of contributing beings. Once you know who you are, it becomes easier to look into another person’s space and see who they are. Knowing who you are requires that all of you in the group are operating in present time. When this is occurring, you are acting in harmony.

A group of beings is rarely acting in harmony unless the group has been working to achieve harmony through aligned actions. Quite often there are beings who are in the group and do not recognize their responsibility as a group member. These non-aligned beings react to environmental stimuli as though they were totally on their own because their attention is still stuck on past events which have essentially hypnotized them. If these non-aligned beings perceive an action as a threat, they can respond violently, all out of proportion to the action.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology session is not tightly structured although there are elements necessary for any caring communication. As a counselor, I have to be fully present as a safe terminal and have my attention on the person I am helping and on the spirits surrounding and interacting with that person.

My communication is not limited to the client’s body, it has to include all of the beings in the person’s space. That means my attention must include the beings in the client’s space and within his body. If my attention excludes any of these beings, it creates an upset as beings do not like being ignored. Any communication I make has to include all beings who wish to participate in the discussion including the beings who are presenting themselves as the personality of the client I am helping.

I have run experiments in my weekly workshops where I directed my attention to some spirits and excluded others. It was very apparent from the reactions of the ignored spirits that unfocused or misdirected attention interfered with any attempts to work with the client and his spirits. Paying attention to all parties in the discussion produced smoother sessions and faster results.

Before I start a session I meditate until I know my spiritual companions are operating in harmony with me. We do not start a session until we know what we are about to do and have our attention in present time. I would be doing a client a great disservice if I started a session while my attention was still stuck on another matter.

At the beginning of the session, I make myself aware of what the client and his spirits have their attention on. If the client or his spirits have attention on something other than getting into session, I will bring it up and handle whatever distraction exists before attempting to deliver a counseling session. If the client has attention on something that is affecting him spiritually, I make that the target of our initial session activities.

During a session, I address the client and his spiritual companions. I have the client perceive the responses produced by his spiritual companions and relay them to me. In this way, the client develops their telepathic skills without having to relay my comment to their spirits. In other schools of spiritual counseling, the client is asked to give commands and requests to their spirits and relay the results. This tends to frustrate the client’s spirits because they have already heard the command or request when it is given to the client.

I could handle the entire communication myself as I can perceive what the spirits are saying, but involving the client in the communication gives him certainty as to what the spirit is doing and saying. Furthermore, the action of participating in the communication develops the client’s telepathic abilities and sets him up for doing solo sessions with his spirits at any time he chooses.

My intention in providing spiritual counseling using SRT is to teach the client how to work with his spirits without requiring a counselor to facilitate communication. Most of my clients graduate to being able to communicate freely with their spirits and only employ me when they run into a situation they can’t deal with.

You should all be aware of the fact that you are picking up new spirits every day with every person you contact and every place you visit that has an emotional impact on you. When you visit a hospital you come home with recently deceased spirits who consider you a free ride to get out of the hospital. This can happen when you visit a cemetery also.

Knowing how to run a solo SRT session will keep you sane and stable as long as you remember to initiate a session whenever you feel emotionally drained or discouraged. It may seem disparaging, but your spiritual companions can be like barnacles because they continually accumulate unless you communicate with them and set them free or recruit them to do something useful.

When you learn to recruit the helpful spirits and put them to work assisting you with your current projects, you will find your life is filled with purpose and you get results with very little effort.

When I finally publish my new book, Working With Spirits, you will have a complete set of tools for recruiting and managing helpful spirits. If this is something you are interested in, I will be happy to send you a review copy for your comments.

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