I have delivered many thousands of hours of spiritual counseling and written tens of thousands of words on my discoveries but, as always, there are a few discoveries that outshine all the rest in terms of their use in recovering from puzzling situations.

The spiritual universe is like an uncharted ocean. Some parts are easy to explore and provide instant entertainment while there are unexplored depths in which a person can lose themselves. I am in the process of reviewing my findings and collecting those ideas that can provide stability in an ever-changing world. I can’t call these axioms as they are not necessarily self-evident truths. They are the tested product of 45 years of observations of which the last 12 involved Spiritual Rescue Technology.


  1. On this planet, we are always surrounded by invisible spirits who can influence us.
  2. Some of these spirits have the capability to take control of our thoughts and actions.
  3. All spiritual processes known at this time will only affect a limited number of these spirits.
  4. There are always more spirits to be handled which means that any process to increase a person’s ability and awareness is only a release.
  5. Any process to free a person from other beings is only a release as there are other beings that can take their place. An exorcism only affects the beings directly addressed.
  6. The personality of any person is determined by the spirits who are acting in concert with him. These groups of spirits can be together for many lifetimes.
  7. If a person does not manage the spirits who surround him, his actions will be unpredictable.
  8. Stuttering is an example of a spirit interfering with the being who is animating the body. Other disabilities can have some spiritual component which can be resolved with caring communication.
  9. Insanity and irrational behavior are examples of spirits who are not operating in present time. These spirits are still stuck in past events which overwhelmed them.
  10. Spirits can be reached with caring communication and be brought into present time where their free will can be restored.
  11. Spirits acting in concert can increase each other’s life force.
  12. Spirits acting against each other seem to diminish each other’s life force.
  13. The dwindling spiral of life seems to be related to efforts to diminish other spirits.
  14. Successful efforts to help other spirits increase the life force of all involved.

Several other discoveries occurred to me after I posted the above list.

  1. All relationships between the material universe and the spiritual universe are dynamic. There is no static state, only that state maintained by a spirit.
  2. All Spirits have unique identities, even those embedded in clusters.

Here are a few more ideas dictated to me by my spiritual companions. Yours may have more.

  1. They want to be recognized as a team.

  2. They want hats to wear and assignments to carry out.

  3. They want acknowledgement for what they do and they want effective leadership.

  4. They want as much training as they can get.

  5. They want spiritual enhancement through processing and they want to do co-processing.

  6. They want to have a voice in recruiting new teammates and want to take part in rescue operations.

  7. They want to contribute ideas and designs for consideration by me.

  8. They want to learn new skills like how to heal bodies and do remote viewing and influence matter energy and time.

  9. They want to be part of the largest game possible and make a difference in the world.

  10. They want the freedom to organize themselves in teams by function so that I can visualize something happening and they can put together groups of teams as they see fit to accomplish what I have visualized.

I feel there are many more discoveries to be made and recorded. If you have observed spiritual relationships and actions which increase our awareness and life force, please feel free to suggest them.

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