In Memory of Sherman

We said goodbye to Sherman yesterday. Our active and affectionate feline companion of 15 years passed away after several weeks of worsening health. Fortunately, we were with him at the end and he died on his own terms in a place where he felt safe.

It was very hard to bear watching him during his last hours of distress, but the end came quickly.

The hard part for us comes now because he took such an active part in the daily rituals of our everyday life. From the moment we got up to the time when the last of us went to bed, Sherman interacted with each of us and chirped to get our attention when necessary.

The quirky aspects of his personality were captured in this pastel by Gretchen.
Sherman as Art

He and his sister, Buffy, have been an integral part of our lives ever since Gretchen and I were married.
Buffy is a dependable normal cat with a set routine that rarely varies. Sherman was an independent spirit who was always ready for an adventure and changed his routines almost every month. I have written about his activities here, here and here.

We noticed his first real signs of aging a year ago when his whiskers were beginning to come in white on one side.

He seemed to get more frail as the year progressed, but he was still able to leap off a nine foot high deck when he wanted to and he caught his last mole just a few evenings ago. He was quite upset with me because I wouldn’t allow him to bring his trophy in and present it to Gretchen who was sleeping.

We will miss his antics and cheerful companionship.


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