Answering a client’s question about marijuana

My client asked:

Hey David, random question but I enjoy the headspace I get into with weed but find myself unable to reach that level when sober. I feel like my thinking operates at a higher level simply after smoking, and I wish I could reach this level more often. Do you happen to have anything from an SRT perspective that would apply to my situation or be helpful?


Weed and other drugs produce exteriorization (an out-of-body experience). Some solvents and other chemicals will do the same which is why kids snort toxic substances. When you as a being separate from your body while doing drugs, you feel relief and can read minds and you can feel wonderful except that you will also have coordination issues, difficulty solving problems, occasional paranoia, and loss of control.

I was working in a suppressive environment and got introduced to weed many years ago. I worked long hours in a terrible job and would do weed on the way home to decompress. The lift I got from weed kept me from going crazy. When I left that job my weed use dropped to almost nothing and then I discovered Scientology and started going exterior on the comm course and realized that I did not need weed or any drugs to operate at a much higher level of confidence and intelligence. Every time I got into present time and started having realizations, I would go exterior.

Every time you have a cognition, you lift out of your reactive mind and life gets brighter. Every time you spot that you have something spiritual holding you back and making you feel discouraged and that spirit leaves, you get a huge release and you feel better for hours and possibly days.

Weed gives you a chemical release, but it messes with your time sense because you are out of present time when you are high. Try driving while smoking weed and watch how you mess up on traffic lights. You will find yourself sitting there asking, “Is that light ever going to turn green? while people in the next car are looking at you funny.

If you are doing meditation and solo sessions every day, you will start having cognitions and you will have headspace like you never had before. You will feel more alive and your perceptions will continue to increase and you stay in present time while you are enjoying your release.

To summarize: Chemical releases from weed and other drugs have all sorts of side effects. Meditation and solo Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions with your spirit guides will give you a better result with no unpleasant after effects.

I hope this helps.

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