Reorganizing SRT Again

I am pulling all of the SRT materials together in one connected bundle so you can train yourselves or train others in using this material. I was going to create a monster reference site and my spiritual buddies persuaded me to just connect all of the existing sites together with a series of site maps so you could navigate from the easy stuff to the outrageous stuff without having to leave the main site.

You will enter the site on a landing page and from there you can access material at several levels of difficulty. There will be articles and forums and videos for each level of reader with chat rooms to share your observations and ask questions. There will be separate areas for those of you who have been researching on your own and want a repository of the articles that you wish to share.

I would like to create an advisory board for this site going forward and recruit moderators who are responsible for specific areas of the website.

Here is a map of the new Spiritual Rescue Technology Website. Your comments are welcome and site reconstruction begins tomorrow.

David St Lawrence

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