Exploring Phenomena That Does Not Fit Existing Science

I was reading about anti-gravity systems today and the articles range from reasoned discussion of the results obtained to reasoned arguments why this entire subject area is nonsense. I was struck by the fact that arguments for and against anti-gravity are much like the arguments against spirits and psychic activity.

This does not fit existing science

Those of us who know about psychic powers and use them daily are familiar with people who are absolutely certain that psychic powers are absolute nonsense. Our insistence on reading thoughts and viewing remote locations irritates these naysayers but has not resulted in witch burnings yet. These won’t happen if we are a bit smarter and do not antagonize those who cannot see or experience what we see and experience. The major challenge we face is that we have barely scratched the possibilities of what we are capable of as spiritual beings.

The basic problem comes down to the simple fact that people who do not perceive what you perceive are certain that you are making things up and are some sort of fraud. The more serious problem is that people who do not believe in psychic ability often can have lots of psychic ability and are able to influence physical universe experiments and show that a psychic is apparently a fraud.

A skeptic is often a person who can influence the outcome of experiments that he does not believe in so he is a self-confirming myth-buster. It takes a rare psychic to push through such established unbelief and demonstrate conclusively the existence of superpowers that exceed what normal humans can do. What is even more surprising is that continuing spiritual research reveals that psychic abilities and superpowers are far more extensive than any past psychic has imagined.

Ingo Swann was one of those psychics who demonstrated abilities that violated all of the conventional scientific restrictions. His demonstration of remote viewing and his ability to affect objects at a distance were unparalleled at the time. He was capable of creating effects that I still cannot duplicate but my observations in most areas confirm what he has written to be true. At the same time, my observations indicate that his viewpoint on the superpowers of the human biomind was limited to the idea that our powers are linked to our human existence.

He wrote this in 2004: 

The superpowers of the human biomind are essentially defined as those inherent faculties of our species which transcend time, matter, energy, and space in terms of awareness, consciousness, and phenomena which are more subtle and illusive. The transcending can be subconscious, subliminal, or conscious — or, perhaps, superconscious.

Ingo’s statement is basically correct, we do have those abilities but it has nothing to do with being human. I and others have discovered that we were powerful spirits long before our existence as human beings.

We are not just human beings who are having spiritual experiences, we are spirits having human and other existences over an infinitely long period of time. We do have spirit guides and demons accompanying us through multiple lives and the number of spirits affecting us on a 24/7 basis is astronomical. 

This means that the cozy view of us as human beings with a handful of spirit guides is woefully inadequate and we need to proceed carefully so as not to overwhelm newcomers with the real task they face in becoming more aware spiritually.

Our exploration of the spiritual realm is similar to exploring material universe phenomena that do not fit existing science. We are constantly encountering phenomena and data that are not real to other investigators because they cannot perceive them or are not looking in the right places. I think that a solution may lie in expanding our viewpoints beyond permissible boundaries and seeing if something exists outside our current body of knowledge.

For example, in the matter of anti-gravity perhaps the reason that experimenters are experiencing such pushback is the lack of real knowledge of what anti-gravity is. If anti-gravity was known to be the result of applying psychic superpowers, demonstrations would be carried out differently. For one thing, we would never allow a skeptic to ride on an anti-gravity sled because they would cause it to malfunction.

If anti-gravity is a reproducible material universe activity, then negative thoughts and intentions should not affect it much, except to delay its introduction as a practical and useful service.

If you would like to see the effect of positive intentions, just consider that it was only 66 years between the first airplane flight on December 17, 1903, at Kittyhawk, NC to the moon landing on July 20, 1969. Since then the Internet has transformed the world and the pace continues with Artificial Intelligence and robots changing the way business is done.

The fact that I have dim memories of anti-gravity systems from the far distant past leads me to feel that we will have a breakthrough in the next ten years if we do not crash our civilization before that with nonsensical acts of tyranny and wars.

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