What Is A Release In Spiritual Rescue Technology?

You experience a release when you and your spiritual associates are able to let go of an incident or the perceptions embodied in the incident. These perceptions include emotions including shame, blame, regret, shock, unconsciousness, and your decisions about the event. Until these are released, you can be fixated on this incident for unlimited periods of time. When you experience a release, you and your spiritual companions regain the life force that has been tied up holding on to the incident. All spirits participating in the release become more alive.

Release – Unariun Wisdom

The term release comes from Scientology and has multiple definitions which all are either wrong or incomplete since Scientology does not assign any importance to the disembodied spirits which permeate all parts of this planet. As a result, all of the states and gains from Scientology are unfortunately unstable as they can be impaired or even reversed by factors that are ignored by Scientology.

Scientology describes the parts of man as being body, mind, and spirit, while in Spiritual Rescue Technology we recognize that the real components of man are body, minds, and spirits. Every human being and every living thing is animated by multiple spirits and is influenced by all of the other spirits with attention on the body and its spirits.

You, as you are reading this are controlled and influenced by spirits within and outside your body. Almost everything you do affects you and your spiritual associates. Almost everything you do is influenced by your spiritual associates. When you experience a release almost every spirit participating in the session becomes more alive.

As you continue to research the spiritual realm and communicate with more and more spirits, you will discover that there are countless researchers doing the same actions you are and you will know how much of their observations are true if you can look for yourself and observe what you find. 

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