We have come to another fork in the road – and there have been lots of them

When I was a Scientology Auditor, I believed there might be a carefully taped path to spiritual freedom and I took pains to ignore any of the attractive canyons that might lead me astray to follow my own path. After 20 years of patching the holes I found in the path to total freedom Hubbard style, I decided to look for myself and see what was really going on in the spiritual world. I used what I had found to be workable and looked for answers elsewhere using my own powers of observation. This was the beginning of my personal counseling practice handling what I believed to be the reactive mind.

Then there was a time about 9 or 10 years ago when I still believed in the legend of the Genetic Entity and as I was having body problems, I decided to do a session with my GE and see if I could help it do a better job with my cancer. When I contacted my GE, it turned out that he was only a minor spirit acting as a doorman and answering up as a genetic entity. He had no clue what was happening in the body and referred me to the spirits who were running the various organs and cells.

This started my discovery of the roles spirits play in animating the body, influencing me in running the body, and conducting my affairs in life. Spiritual Rescue Technology got its start in my discovery that there were spirits to rescue and they wanted to be rescued.

This brings me to the current fork in the road. Although there are many folks who are aware of spirits and who assimilate the data I have discovered in thousands of sessions over the years, there seem to be many more folks who have difficulty following the esoteric activities of spirits and how they control us, and how they make up our personalities. The unfortunate truth is that there is so much information about spiritual activities that is totally unreal to intelligent, hardworking citizens that our technology about spirits will never be easily accepted.

On the other hand, almost anyone can tell if something is alive or dead so a discussion of life force can be made real to a lot of people who don’t want to know about spirits. I do not want to abandon either of these groups of people, so we will pursue both paths of enlightenment from here on out.

We will continue our Spiritual Rescue Technology research and we will develop a simplified approach to teach people to identify and increase their life force with exercises and reports tailored to that public and their reality on life.

To that end, my initial release of the SRT Life Force Handbook will now become two releases. The first release will be the FREE Practical Version with no mention of SRT, spirits, past lives, implants, or alien influences. It will discuss life force and how you identify it and work with it. This will be the cover for this issue.

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