Continuing To Be Trustworthy Is As Important As Becoming Powerful

We had this unexpected realization this morning about how being trustworthy is more important than being powerful because a trustworthy person is predictable in their actions and words. People know what to expect from a person who is trustworthy in that way and that gives them a sense of security in a dangerous and rapidly changing world. What happens when a person changes his abilities and the expectations of their friends and family are no longer valid? A person who becomes more aware and more powerful no longer matches the expectations of their family and friends and this can be frightening to those who see the relationship changing.

Spiritual Healing

This imposes an interesting burden on the person whose awareness and spiritual ability are changing him and the way he views the world. He may be more honest than before and more able, but he is no longer predictable and that will frighten those around him who were relying on his previous condition for their peace of mind. This is true whether you are male or female or uncertain.

To the public at large, which includes your family and friends, your being predictable is more important than you being honest, compassionate, humble, and successful. If you no longer match their expectations, you can become a threat in their eyes.

Carefully adjusting people’s expectations is an essential skill 

if you wish to continue becoming more aware and more powerful

without being considered dangerous and frightening to those you know.

In personal or work situations, your reactions to others establish your position in the group. When you no longer react to comments or negative actions as you used to, you become an uncertain quantity or even a threat to those who used to think they controlled you. To keep these surprises to a minimum, you need to let people know in an acceptable way that you are working to improve your abilities and your value to society. This will not sit well with those who seek to keep you under their control and may be the first indication that you need to part company with those individuals and groups.

If you can communicate that you are undergoing a continuing change in an effort to become a more compassionate and helpful person, you may be able to create an expectation that will expect changes for the better. You can even solicit their opinions on your changes as they occur. This will keep their attention on you but in a more positive way. It will be like putting up a sign that says, “Watch this space for new developments.”

All of the other elements of being trustworthy still apply, such as keeping your word to others once it is given and doing what you promise, but adjusting the expectations of others as you change will prove to be the most important element of all. If you encounter others who cannot adjust their expectations regarding you and your actions, you need to withdraw from them, no matter who they are. Continuing to actively deal with them will cause you permanent spiritual damage which will eventually take counseling to handle.

Develop a game plan to adjust the expectation of others as you grow in awareness and spiritual power. Execute on this game plan for the rest of your life if you plan on using SRT. You will continue changing and growing in power. Help others to deal with that so you continue to be friends.

Many people will not be able to distinguish between your ability to heal as shown above and the possibility that you will be commuting to work like this.


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