Spiritual Rescue Technology Is Not An Option

If you do not have a full understanding of your current spiritual condition, you are continually at risk of losing everything you have created. You can strive to be good and to help others, but you are surrounded by forces that can bring you to ruin if you do not know how to handle them.

You have beings who are trying to help you in the same way your mother was trying to help you. You also have beings who are trying to help you get into mischief with no regard for the consequences. On this planet at least, you are haunted and you need to be able to deal with that.


These beings influence you continually and can take control of your actions if you are not aware of the sources of your impulses to do certain things. Prayer may help, but even fervently religious individuals find themselves doing shameful things that they frantically attempt to repress.

I was doing research today about the author of many incredible and inspiring books. He is slightly younger than I am and he has thousands of followers and has an inspiring message about the timeless path to enlightenment which he is still delivering. He has also served a three-year jail sentence for sexually molesting one of his followers, an incident which he cannot recall. This activity was so unlike his normal actions that everyone just closes their eyes and takes him at face value.

As a professional SRT counselor, I am aware that this can happen to anyone and they are helpless to prevent it if they do not understand who is doing this to them and aren’t in communication with their spiritual companions and spirit guides. Since this spiritual leader does not know what happened and has not handled his randy spiritual companions, he can find himself in trouble in the future.

All too often, when a person in serious trouble claims. ”The Devil made me do it!” they were possessed and controlled by some spirit who took control of them for the occasion. Repentance and prayer are no protection against committing the same offense again. The only real solution is to spot the beings causing the incident and handle them so they do not pose a problem thereafter.

At some point in the future, it may be possible to offer SRT counseling for lawbreakers so they can break the endless chain of destructive actions that eventually destroy them. Promoting SRT as the answer to unwanted and destructive behavior may be a good start to creating a saner society.

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