It Is Necessary To Be Aware Of Evil But Do Not Wallow In It

I am proud to know those of you who are constantly detecting and fighting evil, but I need to have you look at how you are managing your crusades. Crusaders and whistleblowers are essential for the preservation of liberty and real justice for all so take a good look at your life force and notice whether it is waxing or waning. If you are conducting your campaigns and your life in such a way that you are angry most of the time, you are seriously affecting your health and your sanity as well.

Medieval knight over stormy sky.

A steady diet of observing and reporting on evil will put you into an emotional tone level that is not prosurvival and the reason is that this activity ATTRACTS spirits who are into rage and frustration, etc. Your emotions and your health are affected by the spirits you attract and you attract spirits who are interested in what you are doing. That is why any activity which focuses on revenge or punishment will turn you into a sour and unhappy individual in time.

If your mission in life is to keep track of insanities and evil doings, you need to learn how to do this with a calm and positive attitude so that you can accomplish the change you desire without damaging yourself healthwise or emotionally.

If you can add some hilarity or even some sardonic humor to your observations, you may find that life will become more appealing. You might even consider looking for the amusing things about each disaster and be able to report on them without going down-tone. This is not easy but we attract spirits based on what we are reading and writing about. 

If you want to be accompanied by courageous and light-hearted spirits, vary your attitude and your reading habits. If you have ever looked at long-time Scientology critics, you will see what I mean. It has been a long time since any of them smiled and they look older than they should. They have damaged themselves fighting the insanity of Scientology in the way they have chosen. If they can find a way to lighten up, they could restore their original spirit of play and be healthier as well. The few who have kept a positive attitude while exposing the rot seem to be much healthier and are more fun to observe as well.

Those who are not fighting the Church but are still fighting their memories of the church are often in the same state. Images of evil treatment do not fade away without positive and caring counseling. People often get counseling for themselves but are unaware that most of the charge they feel is due to the emotional distress their spiritual companions have endured. My estimate as a long-time Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is that at least 80% of your upset is due to upset spirit guides and other spiritual companions.

If you still are upset with your Scientology experience or with any other cult experience, you should see if solo sessions using my Solo Handbook will reduce your upset. If this is not a solution for you, message me at and we can set up a free introductory session.

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