I Suggest Daily Solo Sessions For All Of You

I enjoy delivering spiritual counseling sessions and do this almost every day, but I will never be able to handle the vast number of spirits we have to deal with on my own. Every one of us is in daily contact with hundreds of active spirits who are trying to guide us or influence us or even get revenge on us. I can teach you to communicate with your spirits in a caring way and get them to assist you in the course of your daily life, but you need to establish communication with them so that they are assisting you every moment of your day. This can be started through frequent SRT Solo Sessions.

If you have not done so already, download this free Solo Session Handbook and use it every day until you can do a solo session without referring to it. Eventually, you will progress to communicating with your helpful spirits on a continuing basis whenever you are creating something or solving a problem.


At some point, it will dawn on you, if it has not done so already, that your spiritual teammates are a vital part of your daily life and their support and advice will make your life ever so much easier than struggling on your own.

You will occasionally run into spiritual situations that you cannot handle on your own and you should feel free to contact me for assistance or for a session or two. As more people become users of Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will have others to turn to for assistance. In the meantime, read all of my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology and arm yourself with the knowledge they contain.

Contrary to what you may have been taught by other spiritual workers, dealing with spirits on this planet is not a “Once and Done” deal. There are trillions of disembodied spirits and you can pick up more of them every day wherever you go. You need to assemble your team of helpful spirits and use them like advisors and protectors so that you can achieve your goals regardless of the spiritual turmoil that exists all around you. When you learn to recruit spiritual helpers and manage them effectively, life becomes a different game entirely. We have barely begun to see what can be done in this regard, but the results so far promise a brighter future for those who master spiritual communication.

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