Your Telepathic Ability Will Increase With Use

I can verify this as I used to use an E-Meter to sense the presence of spirits and now I can perceive spirits and their intentions over extended distances. When I was a Scientology counselor, I was trained to use an E-Meter to monitor the spiritual reactions of the person I was counseling. It worked but was a clumsy way to monitor spiritual activity as it depended on measuring the change in resistance of a body in reaction to emotional changes caused by probing questions. It worked like a lie detector and was almost as unreliable because there were so many factors that could generate false reads.

Once I started delivering counseling sessions over the internet, I began to realize that I was picking up responses from the person I was counseling before the meter would react. A video presentation by Dexter Gelfand on auditing without a meter got me to investigate how well I could detect emotional charge on a question and I realized that I could detect lies and other emotions without a meter and I never used an E-meter again.

When I stopped using an E-meter, I realized that I could put my entire attention on the person I was counseling and many different phenomena came into view. My attention would move into the person’s space and I could detect their intentions as well as their emotions. If I approached them in a caring way, I could duplicate their thoughts and would get flashes of their history, and could even see incidents that their attention was still stuck on after many years.

I found that I could communicate telepathically with disembodied spirits more easily than I could communicate telepathically with most of my clients. When I looked into this I began to realize that people in bodies are continually barraged with random thoughts and impulses from the spirits who surround them and this distraction makes it difficult to receive thoughts and telepathic communication except in unusual situations. Many people just block out all spiritual communication in order to stay sane and get their work done.

To overcome this self-installed barrier to telepathic communication, I developed a counseling technique where I would address the spirits I could perceive and ask them questions in a caring way and have the client see what they could perceive from the spirit in response to my question. To my delight, it turned out that most of my clients could pick up emotions and some thoughts from the very first session! Since I could perceive what the spirit was saying and doing, I was able to see that telepathic communication was different than I expected.

The beings were not communicating in English so names and places were only impressions or images. In some cases, the impression was like a silent video that transferred an entire story in seconds. I began to sense a back story when I communicated with some spirits. Without actually describing what they had experienced, I would get an impression of an entire civilization with attitudes and social agreements. I began to see the records of their life experiences at times and realized that the Akashic Records I had heard about were real.

As I spent more time talking to spirits during counseling sessions and in daily life, I began to appreciate the group of spirits who are helping me with my counseling and my writing. These spirits are so coordinated with my intentions that they can present me with ideas that match my desires exactly. If you have ever experienced inspiration coming to you when you need it, you know what I am experiencing daily

I have barely scratched the surface of what is possible with telepathic communication, but I now see what spirits can do to affect our thinking and our actions. I have also gained an appreciation of what spiritual healing can do and it is all based on effective communication with spirits who are affecting our bodies.

I have tried to explain what can be done in my latest book, Talking To Spirits, but daily solo sessions using my Solo Session Handbook will give you the tools to develop your abilities to communicate with spirits and take advantage of the enormous amount of data they can share with you. There are trillions of spirits whose memories have been destroyed and altered by their past experiences, but I feel there are billions of spirits who are aware enough to help you if you reach out to them in a friendly way. You were telepathic in the past. Why not work on recovering that ability now? It will make your life more interesting than you can believe.

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