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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In spiritual counseling, we build our careers on the shoulder of the explorers who have gone before. I owe a lot to the efforts of other Scientologists who shared their knowledge with me. I was thinking of them when I … Continue reading

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The Magic Of Life Force – Life Force Series 2

It is life force that enables spirits to animate bodies, to create effects in the material universe, and to influence and control other spirits whether wearing bodies or not. Here is a working definition:LIFE EXISTS IN THE PRESENCE OF A … Continue reading

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Unlock Your Ability To Perceive Intentions

Almost all of you have the ability to sense intentions from people you interact with. Do you realize that you can also pick up intentions that others have placed in objects and locations? These intentions appear to be spiritual echoes, … Continue reading

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Skinwalkers Are Merely Our Degraded Cousins – No Big Deal!

In the American Southwest, the Navajo, Hopi, Utes, and other tribes each have their own version of the Skinwalker, but each boils down to the same thing — a malevolent witch capable of transforming itself into a wolf, coyote, bear, … Continue reading

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