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Working With Spirits – Is This Going To Be A Five Volume Set?

When I started writing this book and it kept morphing as I wrote, I felt there were forces at work that I had not encountered before. Since I work with spirits every day, I started getting signals from them that … Continue reading

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A Radical Idea To Ponder and Solve In 2023

Maybe our descent into physical fragility and mental incoherence as we age is more of a spiritual problem rather than a physical problem. I had a recent experience that gave me an entirely new view of this issue and I … Continue reading

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Communicating With Spirits Is A Learned Ability, Not A Gift

I keep getting asked how I perceive and communicate with spirits, especially their spiritual companions when they have not been able to do so. I have written a book on this topic, Talking To Spirits, which will get you on your … Continue reading

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Do You Think You Have Hidden Abilities?

Most of my clients discover that they have more abilities than they ever realized once they discover their full spiritual potential. How does this work? You probably think that those negative thoughts that surface when you try to do something … Continue reading

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