Do you know where your drinking water has been?

If you live in Floyd County, your water probably comes out of a well. What you and your neighbors are doing can have long-term effects on your health. Find out about Floyd county water and what is being done to preserve the quality and quantity of your future drinking water.

Find out what YOU can do to make sure you and your children will continue to have good drinking water in the future.

Come to the Floyd Earth Day 2008 event at Floyd County High School on Saturday, April 19th.

If you provide services or products related to conserving and purifying water, you should visit the Floyd County Earth Day website and sign up for booth space.

You can read more about this important event in my earlier article and on Fragments from Floyd and on Blue Ridge Muse.   

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  1. Hello,

    I am being cheeky and serious. If I lived in your neck of the woods I would definately enquire further to share some unique water purifying products at the Floyd Earth day. Problem is I am in Australia!

    I am passionate about water and what we, as consumers and community can do to heal it.

    The Floyd community at large ( and much of the water market in general) may not initially be open to the concept I share below, however, I learnt early – never to assump!

    Briefly it has to do with energy, or Ether, or Prana, or Chi.

    Its all around us. Western science makes no bones about it. It’s more the language for it and interpretation of origin and meaning that keeps the spiritual and scientists apart.

    So, if you believe in energy ( ether ) then you would be open to or have experienced Reiki or any other energy healing art. If you intuit then your accessing it. If you believe in radio, then you are open to believing in something you cannot see.

    The principle of Ether and the principles of water flow are combined to creat a device which is stand alone. It attaches to the mains water pipe or under sink. It can be used in agriculture.

    The energizer acts as an antenna which attracts the ether. The water, then passes through that field and transforms from dead to alive water. One can taste the difference very easily.

    There is much more to share about this but for now I just want’t to introduce it.

    All the best for you wonderful weekend of honoring our earth.


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