Let Us Expand Our Understanding Of Non-Binary People

We need to get outside the normal view of being a man or a woman or a furry, for that matter. We are immortal spiritual beings, living thoughts capable of animating living bodies and vegetable matter. For those of us who choose to animate human bodies, we gain an identity by selecting a body, usually at birth, and we care for it through infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age. Although these bodies have sexual characteristics, we spirits do not, but we may have preferences based on our past experiences.

We pick up these bodies every 50 to 100 years and live out an existence using that body as an identifier. Spirits do not have sexual differentiation. We have life force, awareness, intention, attention, affinity, and a few other characteristics, but we are not created male or female or belonging to any particular race or species. If you have been able to explore your past lives, you will discover you have played both male and female roles and in most cases, have excelled at or preferred to be one sex or another.

You also have spirit guides who have had male or female bodies at some time in the past. I have one spirit guide who prefers to be male but has vivid memories of being a farm wife during the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. We discovered his past in 1982 when we encountered his husband of the Land Rush era and it triggered a negative reaction in both of them as the relationship had not been a happy one.

In short, we as spirits are non-binary and choose a physical identity when we assume a body to animate and identify with. Do we make mistakes when choosing a body? We sure do, especially when we are eager to get back into the human game after being kicked out of the game by death or accident earlier. If we pick up a body that is not our preferred gender, we can go with the flow and pretend we are happy to be male or female, or we can stand up for what we prefer and choose an identity that is different than our physical makeup.

Choosing to be what you feel like instead of the body type you picked up at birth is a challenge as society tends to enforce conformance on the roles its members are allowed to play. Gender-based roles in more primitive societies are rigidly assigned at birth and enforced with violence. Gender-based roles in more sophisticated societies can be chosen by the person themselves even if not universally accepted.

More recently, people who did not feel comfortable in their assumed bodies have taken to surgery to remake their bodies in an image that felt more comfortable. This solution creates problems of its own because their bodies do not belong to either gender, but to an artificially created body that resembles a gender, but does not duplicate the functions of that gender. This artificiality creates a barrier between these people and people of binary or non-binary genders.

In all cases, the gender-related problems stemmed from implications of spiritual choices at birth that were not understood or properly handled with spiritual counseling. When a person discovers their real reason for selecting a body type, they can come to terms with the choice they made. They can be a man acting as a woman or a woman acting as a man and choose the role they will play in today’s society. If a being feels comfortable with the sex of the body they chose, they will not be uncomfortable with others who chose to play different roles. With the right kind of spiritual counseling, a person will discover the reason they have their current body type and will be able to play the role they wish with no spiritual harm occurring.

Those people who have chosen surgery to solve their dilemma often find that this estranges them from other versions of humanity and this has profound psychological effects of a negative nature. The best solution for anyone not comfortable with their body is counseling to help them discover why they chose their current body and to resolve any conflicts that have arisen in the spiritual companions that surround them. Our current earth mockup as a human is a conglomeration of spirits working to animate and control the body under the direction of a spirit who may be unaware of the rest of the spirits in the collection.

Spiritual Rescue Technology  allows the controlling spirit to get in good communication with the rest of the spirits and persuade them to act in harmony for the best interests of all. Read this book to gain an understanding of your true capabilities and what you can do to change your life for the better.

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