A Free Spiritual Healing Session For Each Of These Ten Problem Areas

We have established beyond all doubt that there is a spiritual component to every injury, illness, and disability we have encountered so far. In every case we have dealt with, the spirits could be handled with Spiritual Rescue Technology processes applied in a specific manner by at least two people working together.

I want to prove the efficacy of this approach on ten specific areas of health so we can train SRT users to do this on each other when the opportunity arises. When we have proven approaches for all ten of these areas, we will select ten other problem areas for free sessions and repeat the process. Ideally, we will produce handbooks describing how to use SRT in each situation with session examples so people can do these processes on their own without special training.

The ten problem areas are listed below. If you have one of these problems and want a free session to deal with it, send me an email at srtcounseling@gmail.com describing your experience and how long you have had it. I will deliver a free session to the first person who selects each of these problems, so do not delay in emailing me your request. Once we have proven our approach, you will be able to buy sessions for any of these problems at the usual rates.

These are the first ten health problems we wish to solve with SRT processing:

  1. Painful Headaches
  2. Hearing Difficulties
  3. Sinus Problems
  4. Painful Gums or Teeth
  5. Throat Issues
  6. Painful Joints
  7. Back Problems
  8. Hip Problems
  9. Bladder Problems
  10. Leg Problems

Our experience has shown that we are able to reduce the problem significantly in most cases with just one session. If we feel we can eliminate the problem with one more session, that will be free also. In some cases, the area will have been neglected spiritually for a long time as only medical treatment was employed. We will be able to advise you of the extent of any further spiritual issues after the free session and if you want additional help it will be available at standard session rates.

I would like to get you signed up and started this week, so don’t delay. Let me know what issue you wish to deal with and the date and time of your availability.



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