Talking To Spirits Is Easier Than You Might Expect

We are constantly trying to make it easier for new people to communicate with spirits and we have had another breakthrough. I took a new person from being totally deaf to spiritual communication to receiving new ideas from his spiritual companions and easily acknowledging them in less than an hour.

Supervised Solo Session With Spirits

In the past, I have described the process of doing a solo session with spirits and have left new clients to go at it by themselves. Almost all of them have managed to get in good communication with their spiritual companions after a session or two. A few have had difficulties and a recent report from a new client revealed the most likely source of these difficulties. The client’s spiritual companions were suspicious of the client’s efforts to communicate and spent their time harassing the client rather than getting in communication with the client.

Their language was hilariously rude and insulting and reminded me of the responses I got when discussing Scientology on Hollywood Boulevard while doing a dissemination drill. Trying to communicate to an unprepared audience is a difficult experience and I realized I could make the task much easier for all concerned.

I am now at the point where I can identify spirits by name and intention so I can start a conversation with almost any spirit and match their tone level and establish a rapport with them quickly and help them if they are interested. For the new person who could not detect any emotion or communication from the spirits surrounding him, I first addressed his spirits and found that they were frustrated by his indifference to their efforts to communicate. I explained to them that I was about to teach the person to hear their comments and wanted them to work with him so he would be willing to communicate freely with them. I stressed the point that the person was not indifferent to them, but was unable to recognize their communication and differentiate their thoughts from his own.

I also pointed out that their communication should be as helpful as possible if they wanted him to recognize them as useful companions. This was quite acceptable to most of them and I handled any spirits who were averse to getting in communication with the person.

When the person asked if anyone had anything to share with him, they immediately started sharing ideas with him and he started smiling within a few minutes as he wrote down what they were saying. They had personal questions which showed a good deal of interest in him but he still had some doubts because he felt he might still be imagining the conversation. I had him ask them to show him something that he could be sure was not his imagination and they showed him an image of the office he used to have before he moved to this city.

We were both pleased at the speed with which he gained the ability to communicate with spirits and I would like to make this possible for others who are new to the spiritual arena. If you are having difficulty getting your spirits to communicate with you in a meaningful way, I will give you a free session to get you started with helpful solo sessions. Just send me an email at

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