In Spiritual Rescue Technology we learn to perceive the thoughts and emotions that our spiritual companions are directing at us. This activity falls in the area of telepathy which is defined as “communication with another person by thinking rather than by using words or other signals.”

Spiritual Communication

We do not go into a big song and dance about the mechanics of telepathy, instead, we have some simple drills which enable a moderately aware person to recognize that they are able to receive ideas other than their own from other beings.

I offer these drills to new people as a free service so that they can determine whether or not they can actually receive thoughts from disembodied spirits in their vicinity. I have written thousands of words about spirits and how they affect us and how they have come to associate with us and most of this is not very real to a person until I ask a spirit a question and an answering idea or thought appears in the person’s mind in response to my question.

These answering thoughts can consist of audible sounds that the person hears, or they can appear as a fully formed thought that the person suddenly knows where there was nothing before. Spirits also communicate with images, both still and moving, with accompanying emotions, and these emotions can be very powerful, affecting the recipient in profound ways.

You may think that spiritual communication is some rare phenomenon, but once you begin to perceive spiritual communication you realize that spirits are around you all the time and many of the thoughts that occur to you every day are actually contributed to you by the spirits who accompany you through life.

Some people are so sensitive to spiritual communication that it interferes with their ability to live a normal life. Other people have managed to ignore spiritual communication by considering it to be imaginary. For many years in my earlier counseling practice in Scientology, I used electronic instruments to detect the presence of spirits because I was unaware one could actually communicate with spirits directly using telepathy.

A comment by a client I was helping led to a breakthrough in my approach to spirits and I started communicating with them as a caring healer rather than as an exorcist trying to remove them. In my earlier career, I communicated with the client to locate and remove troubling spirits. Once I was made aware that these spirits were actually trying to help, I began to communicate with them verbally and then telepathically. I found that involving the client in the conversation with the spirit made the process much faster and the client gained a great deal of certainty through their participation in the discussion with the spirit.

Having the client participate in the discussion with the spirit raised the client’s ability to spot what was going on with the spirit and deal with the spirit himself. Many of the spirits we encounter are stuck in traumatic incidents that occurred a very long time ago and ended the person’s existence as a human being and caused him to become a disembodied spirit thereafter. What this means is that when something occurs say with the client the is thrown into the earlier incident and starts manifesting behavior appropriate to a long-ago incident instead of what is actually happening in the present day.

Since spirits are immortal, they can be stuck in incidents that happened millions of years ago and they have continued through time since then with attention still stuck on an early disaster of some sort. What we do in spiritual rescue technology is to wake the spirit up and bring their attention to the present moment through a conversational process that recognizes their existence as beings like ourselves. When the being is finally brought to present time, he is given the opportunity to stay with the client and help that client or to discover what he wants to do for the rest of his eternity. The spirit is given a new lease on life and he’s usually quite grateful for the assistance that the counselor has provided.

As a person begins to communicate with more and more spirits he begins to accumulate beings with all kinds of useful experience and knowledge. The spirits that surround you have done just about everything you can imagine. Once they have been rehabilitated and are operating in present time they are an incredibly valuable resource. You have spirits with experience in government, engineering, writing, education, and in every field of endeavor including farming and raising children so you have a vast repository of data to draw upon if you choose to use their knowledge. Since they are immortal, some of their knowledge dates back to civilizations from the distant past.

As you bring more and more of your spiritual companions to present time, your ability to get things done increases and these rescued spirits begin to work in alignment with you rather than operating at cross purposes, which is what happens when a spirit has his attention on past events rather than on what is happening now. A team of spirits working in harmony produces great results with almost no effort or lost motion.

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