Points of interest rather than space – Sanity Check Part 2

It occurred to me that one of the reasons that American
attention is directed so much at America is that there are so many
unique points of interest in this country. There are probably more
unique points of interest in Manhattan alone than there are in some
entire countries.

Readers have commented that they were required to study maps,
imports/exports and other characteristics of countries in school. I did
that also and as I recall, most countries were covered in a few pages,
some in a paragraph.

Consider what that would mean when the subject was our state of California which had a gross domestic product  of $1,727,355,000,000
in 2006 which would have made it the eighth largest nation in the world in terms
of the value of goods and services produced.

When we recall a place we have visited, we tend to recall the events, the vistas and the food that gave us experiences to remember and share with others.

I think a map that identified points of interest rather than space
alone, might show an even more skewed  distribution than the map
shown in the previous article. Certain countries might have to be
enlarged to properly list the points of significant interest to

Creating this kind of map will be an exercise for the student ,as one of my professors used to say, but it is already being done with maps of topics on the internet where integrity and reproducibility of content is more important than the name or historical value of the source.

Imagine a map that captured this point of interest information and how it might appear. If anyone has a link to such information, please feel free to share it.

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