Political maneuvering and strange bedfellows


Regular readers will remember my earlier posts on the forced integration of cats from two separate families. Things have finally progressed to the point where we will find cats sleeping all over the house and territorial borders have apparently disappeared.

That may be the apparency, but this peaceful picture is actually the result of feline political maneuvering.This image appears to show a quiet moment in which our female cat Buffy, on the far left,  is snoozing with the two visiting cats on the bed that used to be her exclusive domain.

One could think, "How cute! Just see how they get along!"

The actuality is that Buffy has pushed her way into this room and is reclaiming territory that used to be hers alone.

She has been quietly planning this for some time, starting with occasional casual forays into the guest room which the new cats now occupy with their owner.

Once the new cats got used to her presence, Buffy moved back to her favorite spot at the head of the bed.

I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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