This is not fog


We live up on a ridge next to the Blue Ridge Parkway and we enjoy some of the most beautiful and unusual weather in Virginia.

Today, we are surrounded by a low-flying cloud which is moving through at a good clip. This mass of dense water vapor is being driven by a stiff breeze, so you don’t want to spend much time outside.

We get these clouds many times during the year and they can last all day. When they are accompanied by a good breeze, the wind chill is considerable.

Fortunately, we have a warm fire burning in the wood stove, so all is well at our home here in Floyd.

When the cloud moves on, we will probably spend some time splitting wood for the stove.

We’ve had one of Santa’s helpers working on the task for the past few days. She has been a great help. Every household needs a helper like this one!

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