Dickens of a Night in Floyd

It was a crisp, cold Friday night and the sound of Christmas caroling filled the air. Almost every merchant in Floyd was open late with holiday treats for visitors.

The Town of Floyd was holding its 8th annual Dickens of a Night with hayrides and Christmas carolers in period costume.


I spent much of the evening with fellow bloggers Colleen Redman and Fred First at a book signing at NoteBooks, 117 S. Locust St. across the street from the Floyd Country Store.

There is no lack of conversation when you have six authors and a falcon in one room.

Leeand_cjThe falcon, CJ to his closest friends, was being handled by Lee Chichester, author and falcon handler.

Cj held up his end of the conversation once his handler took his hood off.

At the same time, Gretchen and her fellow artists were holding open house at Art Under the Sun. Business is brisk now that the El Charro Mexican restaurant is open seven days a week.

Artistsunderthesun_2I enjoy the El Charro and really appreciate that it offers good food and is open when other restaurants are closed.

Here’s to the start of another holiday season. I hope that yours brings you the opportunities you seek.


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