Feline organizational structures revisited

Watching groups of cats reorganize their social structures is a fascinating experience. When different families and their cats move in together all sorts of changes occur and the experience is much like what happens when companies merge.

The existing social structure is broken as participants struggle to find new allegiances in the combined group. The pecking order is realigned. Some cats will go invisible. New champions will arise. Others will sulk.

If any of you have ever been in a company that has been acquired, you  already have some idea of what is going to happen. Changes will occur that no one expects.

We are about to merge two households far a period of several months. The most challenging part of this merger is that we are adding two full-grown cats to our existing two-cat household.

This is not our first time merging households with cats. In late 2005, Gretchen and I and our two cats were invited to stay with Doug and Amy Thompson and their four cats while our house was being completed. I wrote several posts on the event.

We all survived and were richer for the experience. This time around, our cats will be the home team so it will present a different set of problems for them.

I expect to have updates on this event real soon. The new cats and their owner arrive this weekend.

Welcome to Floyd!

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