Cobblers children and so forth….

I have been so busy with Floyd Custom Framing,  my new business, that I had put off creating a website.

After all, I reasoned, county people know of me through word of mouth and few use the Internet to search for local businesses.

Dumb! Dumb! etc…

Almost every new settler in Floyd seems to be Internet enabled and some even carry Treos. They use the Internet and Google to search for everything.

My memory must be failing, because I used the Internet constantly to search for local contractors and suppliers when we were building our house in 2005. I was quite frustrated that so few local companies had any kind of Internet presence. The nearest most came to Internet visibility was being listed on Chamber of Commerce sites or listed on regional business listings.

So, here I am, an Internet veteran with no website planned for a new business. How lame!

Anyway, I was jogged into activity by Kirstie, a picture framer and blogger in Berkeley, CA, who wrote a post, Make it Easy to Shop  Local which pointed out that she searches for local businesses using Google.

To make a long story short, I now have a website,, that explains what Floyd Custom Framing is and does.

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