Blogging will be lighter than usual…

Gretchen and I are taking a quick trip to Northern California and Oregon to visit family and new grandchildren and to renew acquaintanceships with old friends.

This will be our first trip in several years so it will be interesting to see what changes have occurred since we left.

Our timing could have been better as we may miss the fall foliage season, but this was the first time in months that we could get away.

Fortunately, the bloggers of Floyd are really hitting their stride lately and you will have plenty of Floyd news to choose from if you visit Doug Thompson’s newly restyled Blue Ridge Muse, Colleen Redman’s Loose Leaf Notes, and Fred First’s Fragments From Floyd.

Music lovers should read Scott Perry’s blog: "Don’t Start Me to Talkin’, I’ll Tell Everything I Know".

I hope to return from this trip with new design ideas and some updates about life in Silicon Valley. It will be wonderful to see old friends and family, but we will be very happy to get back to our life in the uniquely creative environment of Floyd County.

As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said, "There’s no place like home!"

Thanks for visiting. Full-scale blogging should resume on our return.

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