Michael Yon – Bread and a Circus, Part 1 of 2

Michael Yon
writes about the refugees of Baqubah and why Baqubah had not had a food shipment for 10 months.

Al Qaeda had seized the food warehouses in Baqubah and the authorities in Baghdad responded by cutting off food shipments to Baqubah because they would fall into the hands of al Qaeda.

American soldiers escorted Iraqi truckers to Baghdad and the Ministry of Trade where the real hard part of Operation Arrowhead Ripper was unfolding.

Michael Yon is becoming a master at revealing the complexity of Iraqi relationships and showing first-hand the incredible efforts that our military personnel are putting forth to help Iraqi communities get back on their feet.

This piece, Bread and a Circus, Part 1 of 2, is another fascinating look into the social dynamics of this troubled country and its remarkable people.

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