Floyd County is beginning to party and it’s only Thursday

FloydFest 2007 kicks off tonight and I have been asked by everyone today if I was going to be there. Yes I am, because this is the entertainment event of the season in Floyd County. The town of Floyd has been full of excited visitors since early this morning.

I will be attending FloydFest for three days and will try to capture the spirit of this years event with images and sound recordings. In spite of gloomy weather predictions, the weather has been mostly sunny and seems to holding steady. I will bring boots and rain gear just in case.

I would have been there tonight, except I had to work until 9 pm. I am launching a new business venture which has already created enough interest that I have a backlog of work in the shop and more on the way.

This is entirely new area for me, so I will be posting my progress, discoveries and mistakes in getting it organized and up to speed for the use of anyone who is setting up their own small business in a field that is new to them.

This will not be a conventional start-up, so there may be some interesting ideas falling out of this, especially in the area of marketing.

For those who ask, "Why another project?", I can only say that this was a case of doing something to help someone else and getting enough interested responses that I was up and running before I knew it.

I will post more later. For now, I am going to take it easy this weekend and spend some time at FloydFest.

Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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