Having difficulty learning new things?

Want to learn to use computer technology, write for publication, make pottery, create art, become an entrepreneur, but can’t seem to come to grips with actually doing something in the subject area?

It may be that you have difficulty moving out of your comfort zone, or it may be that you don’t like feeling stupid or being made to feel incompetent. On the other hand, you may have been raised to believe that some occupations were "beneath" you.

To learn, it is first necessary to consider that there is something worthwhile to learn. If you feel that using computers skillfully or being an artist will make you less socially presentable, you will not be able to embrace the subject with enough enthusiasm to overcome the learning curve.

If your parents or associates look down on geeks or artists or entrepreneurs, they will not greet your interest in these areas with enthusiasm. You need to decide for yourself whether it is more important to be competent in an area or if it is more important to be socially accepted.

Any new occupation requires a learning period. (This includes blogging, by the way.) During this learning period, you will not be competent in the area and it will be counter-productive if you keep telling others how competent you were in some other field. You are playing in a new arena and you need to remove any and all barriers to learning everything you need to be competent in this new area.

Find supportive people who will teach you without invalidating your efforts to learn. If you can’t find these people, scour the Internet for information and buy books, if necessary, that give you the information you need.

You absolutely do not need to go to a University or accredited school to learn and become competent. Diplomas and certificates are merely symbols of approval by some organization you have paid for that privilege.

Excellent results are the best proof of skill and competent execution. Learning how to produce excellent results is what you need to concentrate on.

There are times in life when one must learn a new skill to survive and support one’s family. I know many  mature men and women who learned to become a superlative waiter, a competent office manager, or a successful small business owner after career setbacks or injuries made it impossible to continue as a highly paid employee of a large company. Some others have jumped off the career treadmill to become artists or organic farmers because they felt that this was a way of life that would provide a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family.

These people were able to overcome their mental blocks to working in a hands-on capacity at some job because they could see that there was an opportunity and new things to learn.

Learn to produce what people need and want and you will be suitably rewarded. Whether your product is entertainment, good service, or artwork that inspires or amuses, if it is something that people need to make their lives better or at least more bearable, you will be in constant demand.

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