Down With Evil Corporations

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While the President, liberal Democrats, union leaders and some in the media have tried to convince Americans that this is  a grassroots movement that is raging against corporate greed on Wall Street and is being led by disenfranchised Americans, the truth of the matter is that this is the usual bunch of suspects on the far left such as International ANSWER, Code Pink, the Communist Party USA, and the Workers World Party, to name a few — a loose coalition of anarchist groups and angry trust-fund babies looking for their lot in life.

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  1. D says:

    and what would you have them wear, eat, travel in David? The corporations have taken over the world, most of them huge, faceless and American.

  2. What hypocrisy! These protesters were carrying top of the line fashion items and protesting the creativity and business acumen that made these things available.

    Most private corporations are started by people who work very hard to get them to a viable state. When the government plays crony capitalism we get shell corporations that enrich a few well-connected investors and the taxpayers are left holding the bag.

    I can see the frustration of these protesters but I do not see any desire to contribute to solutions. If they have a useless college degree, is that Wall Streets fault? If they have learned nothing but Socialist pap in school and are basically unemployable, do corporations owe them an education?

    What skills have they learned that someone should pay them a living wage?

    I see a bunch of people looking for government handouts and offering nothing but threats in exchange.

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