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The Big Picture Guy, one of my favorite correspondents from the corporate world, has finally left the company he called the "Small Office".

His parting advice, delivered in a speech at his going-away party concerned itself with the subject of integrity. He provides an interesting connection to the subject of respect for self and others.

It is incredibly valuable advice, even if you are a person of great personal integrity, because it will stiffen your resolve to maintain your integrity and will give you some ideas you may not have thought of before.

I wish him well.

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  1. Taking care of prior commitments made my slipping away quietly more difficult and more involved than I expected. But commitments must be met. After all, what is a gentleman if not his word? If I would aspire to that lofty rank, then I should hold my word inviolable. Unfortunately, these commitments did not leave me opportunity to respond in timely fashion to those who deserved it. This is regrettable; respect takes many forms and is never conditional.

    And so, belatedly and with sincerest apologies, I wish to thank you for your going away gift to me, the posting on my party and my parting thoughts. These thoughts are deeply held and were respectfully given. I do not know if they had the intended impact, nor even if they penetrated the fog of familiarity that keeps people most comfortable with their normal way of being. But, at least, your support and that of others did help get the word(s) out.

    You were there for me at the outset and you were there for me at the end. All the while, you have managed to maintain a firm hold on the designation of true gentleman.

    Thank you again for your continued support. I will maintain contact and I have no doubt that our paths will cross in the future.

    Respectfully yours,


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