Finding a niche in the web design marketplace


I am moving in still another direction. My efforts to help artisans and local businesses develop a viable web-based marketing strategy have led me to set up a web design and web hosting operation suited to some unmet needs of this area.

I favor minimalist designs that feature content over technique. I view website design as a collaborative art form where the client provides the dream and I design a vehicle for presenting the dream as simply and effectively as possible.

It has been an interesting learning experience as the field of Internet marketing is continually evolving. The basics of marketing have never changed, but the tools available are making it possible for a kitchen table business to tap markets from all over the world.

For those who say it is too late to find a profitable niche, I recommend you look at the woman who sells tumbleweeds online…

If you would like to check out my new hosting and design website, here is a link:

Learn more about FloydHost

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