The fire is burning in our wood stove again

  First Fire Fall 2011

We have been holding off lighting the stove in a futile effort to hang on to the warm weather.

In the last few days, the house has gotten cold and damp enough to make us realize that winter is really on its way and we need to enjoy the good parts as long as we can.

A cozy fire brings contentment to man and beast. We can venture outside in search of exercise and excitement but returning to a warm hearth and a good book, or a warm lap in the case of the cats, is a fitting closure to a busy day.

We were running the air conditioner in my office last week and now we are almost ready to store it away in favor of warm fires and winter long johns. We may have another heat wave during October's Indian Summer, but I expect that a fire in the stove will be our constant companion for the next seven months.

Note to self: Buy more wood.

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