Ice Storm 2 – the sequel


We have been experiencing snow and sleet ever since 4 am this morning. The ice accumulation is less than last time, but the temperature is near 32 and the ice continues to build on trees and flat surfaces. The driveway is covered with a clear coat of ice, so we plan to stay home and get some chores done.

We are better prepared this time with an emergency generator ready to go and it has a full tank of gas. We have 18 gallons of drinking water, plus a bathtub full of general purpose water, so I do not expect any shortages there this time.

The porch rack is full of firewood and the stove is burning brightly as I write this, so I think we are good to go for several days.

Unless we get cabin fever, we have plenty of work to do and no place we need to go. The Internet connection is on backup power, so I can use this ice storm to get some work done for clients who need new website designs.

One of the tremendous advantages of working at home is that we can work on "snow days" and declare a "holiday" on a weekday when the sun is shining.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay dry and inside if you can!

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