Floyd Country Store Reopens in Style

CsfinaltouchesLate night preparations

Woody Crenshaw and a large group of contractors and friends worked many long hours to complete the renovation of the Floyd Country Store in time for the February 2nd Friday Night Jamboree.

Woody took great care to build the addition using materials and construction techniques that matched the original structure.

He added at least 30 feet to the back of the old Country Store to make room for a new dance floor and stage and he matched the antique embossed  tin ceiling panels so well that you have to look very carefully to see where the old panels leave off and the new panels begin.

I dropped in during the last frantic days to admire the controlled chaos that Woody was keeping under control while still managing to run his lighting company and preside over the ‘Round the Mountain Artisan Network.

Even with his cell phone ringing constantly and workmen coming up to check on final details, Woody Crenshaw was the soul of hospitality. I was invited to share in the food brought in for the construction and sound check crews.

I grabbed a cup of soup and watched old friends Bernie Coveney, Abe Goorsky, Michael Kovicks, and Chris Luster play for the sound check of the newly-constructed dance hall.

Woody had installed a brand new sound system and had brought in Stage Sound from Roanoke to manage the sound check and set the system up for use.

Watching these professionals set up seven microphones and two monitor speakers was a revelation. It took only minutes for them to adjust the sound system so the bright empty room was producing clean sound, free from undesired noise and reverberations.

FirstdanceOnce the mikes were set up,  the musicians began playing to complete the sound check and Liz Stone took advantage of the new dance floor and performed the very first dance steps in the new Floyd Country Store.

I came by late that night on my way home and workmen were still painting and putting up shelving. Woody vowed that the store would reopen on February 2nd, even if there were a few things that still needed to be completed.

It was all worth it! The reopening came off on schedule!


On Friday night, our friends Mac and Jenny Mac Traynham opened the evening by playing a round of Gospel tunes to a packed house. The new sound system carried the music throughout the store even over the excited chatter of hundreds of patrons.

It was one of the busiest Friday Night Jamborees I have ever seen at the store. Woody manned the soda fountain when he wasn’t being besieged by well-wishers. A troop of local cloggers in costumes took to the packed dance floor and performed while surrounded by dozens of other dancers.


It was a fine way to spend a very cold evening and we all had a great time. Mark your calendars. The Friday Night Jamboree is back and is better than ever!

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