The Jacksonville Center Newsletter continues with new publishing team

One of the most successful ways of connecting an organization to a community is to publish an easily read newsletter on a weekly basis.

The Jacksonville Center Team has taken over the task of publishing the weekly Jacksonville Center Newsletter and their splendid first issue makes for interesting reading.

This newsletter is absolutely essential if you would like to keep up with the cultural activities at the center.

I am no longer Executive Director at the Center, but I continue as a volunteer and I find the Newsletter to be a vital link to the good work that is being done at the Jacksonville center every week.

If you are not receiving this newsletter, you are missing out on one of the most important cultural and visitor attractions in Floyd, Virginia.

The Jacksonville Center is a must-see destination for visitors to Floyd and is a great place to bring your relatives when they come to visit you. Make sure you pick up the new Spring Course Catalog while you are there. It has a fine list of fascinating courses and they used a lot of my photos to Illustrate the catalog. 🙂

You can get on the distribution list of this newsletter by sending an email to

You will not regret it. It will give you an inside view of Floyd artisans and Floyd art that you will not get elsewhere.

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