Beware the “Free” Logsplitter Offers

Scam Alert      Scam Alert      Scam Alert is the latest entrant in the online scam derby.

Their ad pops popped up occasionally in the list of Google Ads on this page. I have reported this company to Google and expect that they will remove this advertiser from their ad base.

UPDATE: I have blocked their ads from appearing on this site.  offers a "free" Ryobi 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter. All you have to do is to take a "survey" or two or three and somewhere in all of this you will get your credit card charged several times in order to earn this "free" log splitter!

It is important to note that this scammer has no connection with Ryobi. They have this notice at the bottom of their webpage:

Home-Garden-rewardpath Gift Program is not
endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with Ryobi Ltd., Ryobi 4 Ton
Electric Log Splitter or any merchant listed above. Such terms are
registered trademarks of their respective owners.

I am also going to send this post to Ryobi because it is very bad PR for them to allow this offer to continue. People will think that it is Ryobi doing the rip-off.

Has anyone else been scammed by this company?

If you want to read the steps involved in this "free" offer, here is the data from the website:

Please note: This is only a small part of the fine print!

For this promotion, Ryobi® 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter, you must complete a total of 8 offers as follows: Page 1 – complete any 2 offers; Page 2 – complete any 2 offers; Page 3 – complete any 4 offers to get your gift.
You must complete the Program exactly as indicated on each applicable
page of the Site and in the applicable Program Requirements in order to
complete the Program currently featured on the Site (the “Incentive
Gift”). If you do not correctly, and fully, complete the number of
Offers required on each page, you will not be entitled to a Gift. If
you have any questions, please contact us.

Examples of Offers required by the Program Requirements of our Third
Party Partners include, but are not limited to, trial offers, credit
cards, free quote requests, product offers, service offers and other
low-cost or commercial Offers. Typically, there are a variety of Offers
presented for your selection on the applicable pages of the Site – some
Offers require a purchase to be made
, while others are free trials that
convert to paying obligations if not canceled
or free applications that
do not require an initial purchase (and can be cancelled without
obligation if you do not want to consent to the purchase after the free
period ends).

To ‘complete’ an Offer, you must sign up for the applicable Offer,
get approval for your application from the applicable Third Party
Partner, (where applicable) get activated by the applicable Third Party
Partner for such Third Party Partner’s Offer and meet any and all other
conditions and steps required by such Third Party Partner for that
Offer. For some credit card Offers, the card must be activated by
making a purchase, balance transfer or cash advance in order for the
Offer to be considered ‘completed’.

When our Third Party Partners report to us that you have completed
the requisite number of Offers associated with the Program, to their
full and complete satisfaction, which they may withhold for any reason
in their sole discretion, your account (“Member Account”) will be
updated accordingly and you will receive a Gift redemption voucher
(“Gift Redemption Voucher”) from us. It will typically take between
four (4) to six (6) weeks before we get confirmation of your completion
of the requisite Offers associated with the subject Program from the
applicable Third Party Partners. The Gift Status section of your Member
Account shall indicate the results of this process, so please be
patient and be sure to check the Gift Status section of your Member
Account regularly. Be sure to print out and keep the pages showing that
you have signed up for each Offer as you complete same.

My advice? If you sign up for this free offer, you are incurably gullible.

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