Beyond Books – the future of self-publishing?

What if you could give away your ideas and still derive income from them?  What if this unconventional form of distribution could expose readers to your books who would otherwise never see them?

I am not quite there yet, but I think that day is fast coming, due to the power of context-sensitive advertising.

I was busy building an online book reader when I discovered that Google has already provided this service and my book is available on it now through the power of Google Book Search.  If you go to that site and enter "advice for whistleblowers", you will see this:

Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day – Page 82
by David St Lawrence
Whistleblowers are people who tell it like it is, even if they suspect that they
will lose their jobs and be attacked by people they consider to be friends.

Full view
Table of ContentsAbout this book

You can scroll through the table of contents or to search the book using the "Search in this book window" for hot topics like "nepotism" and "why your manager lies".

You can amuse yourself by entering these unlikely search terms: sex, interviews, fear, integrity, seduced, seduction, and job satisfaction. You will be amazed at what you will find.

If you bookmark this site, you have an instant desktop reference to use in everyday work situations.

In the meantime, my book, Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day, is available as a free download until further notice. This is the complete book in PDF format.

I am offering this data as a public service to all who are in danger of receiving a termination as a corporate Christmas present.

It is, after all, the end of another quarter and companies jettison employees at this time in hopes of surviving. I hope you are not in that unhappy situation, but if you know of someone who is, send them a link to this article.

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