Beyond Journalism

YouTube Video has become the premier launching pad for new movies, new ideas, and propaganda. From brash, raunchy, and sometimes touching amateur efforts, YouTube has become the arena for sophisticated efforts at communicating the news that networks seem unable to handle.

This YouTube Video: Flight Club: Being Naughty on a Plane is a musical documentary which shows you the rules for "manufacturing" a security incident. It is worth watching for the music alone.

For a text treatment see this article in The Washington DC Examiner.  Which presentation conveys the situation more effectively to you?

The second YouTube Video you might want to check out is Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Regardless of what you feel now about these two disparate issues, you will find it hard to forget these videos after watching them.

Every side of every story is now available on YouTube. No longer do we wait for pundits to explain the news to us. We can check several different sources of information and decide for ourselves.

Many times I watch mainstream media fumble with a story for several days before dealing with the realities of a situation. Some, like CBS and AP end up using blogger articles without any attribution. They plagarize and it is catching up to them every day.

Perhaps the new future of journalism is sending out reporters with digital video cameras so they don’t get scooped by bloggers. Meanwhile, if you have an idea you want to promote, think about how it might be presented on YouTube.

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