16 Hands Studio Tour Weekend

The 16 Hands artisans put on a studio tour twice a year and each tour brings throngs of visitors to Floyd. These visitors drive around the county visiting the 16 Hands artisans and usually take time to visit every gallery in town and the Jacksonville Center as well.

Gretchen and I did the tour today and we came home with arms loaded with treasures from Donna Polseno, Rick Hensley, Silvie Granatelli, and Ellen Shankin.

The weather was perfect with bright blue skies and warm sunshine. One visitor even did the tour in a convertable with the top down!

There is one more day to visit these fine artists in their studios and if you are within driving distance of Floyd, I urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Download the 16 Hands Tour Map and drive to Floyd. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, visit the studios, buy christmas presents for your family and friends, and make sure you eat lunch in Floyd where you can see more local craftsmanship at The Bell Gallery and Over the Moon Gallery.

You will also have the opportunity to see other fine artists who open their studios to visitors on this weekend, like Floyd ceramicist and woodworker, Carter Holliday, whose mountaintop studio has an incredible view.

Drive to Floyd and keep an eye out for these signs:

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