Making Lemonade – a new idea for Thanksgiving



When life hands you lemons, you can whine about the unfairness of it all or you can sing. The latest ripples in the blogosphere are coming from the cheerful sounds of Complaints Choirs!

Finnish husband-wife artist team, Oliver Kochta Kalleinen and Tellervo Kalleinen, invited people in various international cities to submit their complaints, which were then set to churchly choir music under the direction of a local choral director and produced as comedy/art video. These videos capture the complaints that plague us all and turn them into charming and entertaining performances.

Enjoy the Complaints Choir of Birmingham

and the Complaints Choir of Helsinki!

UPDATE: There is also a Complaints Choir of St Petersburg!

            and now the Poikkilaakso Elementary School Complaints Choir

See the website of Complaints Choirs of the World for up to date information on the growing number of choirs being formed and how to create one yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you find a way to turn your difficulties into opportunities.

Thanks to Seth Godin and VSL for the links.

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